With a reputation for tailor-made legal services, Brain Trust seeks attorneys with both professional experiences and diverse backgrounds for the purpose of enhancing qualities of legal services. If you want to work in a thriving and energetic law firm which promotes achievement, we sincerely invite you to learn more about Brain Trust.

Legal Assistants

Legal assistants in Brain Trust play a very important role in providing customized legal services to our clients. Brain Trust employs legal assistants who can perform many tasks on business transactions and litigation cases to assist our lawyers. If you are interested, please learn more about the opportunities available in Brain Trust.


Support Staff

Brain Trust employs administrative and support personnel to assist our lawyers in the routine matters. Brain Trust always offers collaborative environment for team work. Because excellence of service and the highest ethical standards are essential components of our core values, Brain Trust requires support staff to use best efforts to achieve the goals. We invite you to explore available opportunities.