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International Inheritance & Succession of Family Enterprises

Since our citizens usually have overseas assets or shares of domestic companies via off-shore companies, complete planning for the succession of family assets or enterprises shall be required to deal with issues arising from different legal regimes.

Brain Trust can provide our clients with delicate plans including but not limited to wills, trusts, and equity structures, by taking into account of various legal regimes involved. With years of practice in this field, Brain Trust provides clients with detailed and frank advices for international inheritance and succession of family enterprises in compliance with the laws. In addition, the multilingual skills possessed by Brain Trust’s personnel enables seamless communication with clients, which also enables us to offer tailor-made advice for estate planning, including real estate inheritance and taxation issues.

Brain Trust also has abundant experience and professional techniques in lawsuits which enable us to use lawsuits as the last resort to maximize benefits of our clients.

















Hung Ou Yang

Managing Attorney


Jia-Jun Fang

Legal Counsel