Pro Bono

Brain Trust sincerely believes that assisting those individuals who cannot afford legal services for the pro bono purpose is a lawyer’s obligation. Our attorneys have joined Legal Aid Foundation in Taiwan for pro bono work, pledging to provide sufficient attorney time and quality as to pro bono cases. Our attorneys (both litigators and non-litigators) would assist and represent individuals assigned by Legal Aid Foundation or other organizations in matters including, but not limited to, the preparation of wills, criminal appeals, and employment discrimination and unemployment cases. Brain Trust is also willing to handle representations in death penalty cases.

Brain Trust keeps on committing to pro bono work because we truly believe that such work is a basic role of lawyers seeking for justice. Even when no one is willing to fight for justice, we will.

If the assigned case does not conflict with the interests of other clients, we allow our lawyers to select and decide whether he can take the assigned case. In appropriate instances, we will, as a firm, organize teams of lawyers to deal with more complex matters which could have a greater impact on our society.