Roxin Alliance

Hung Ou Yang is a member of the ROXIN Alliance, an affiliation of legal professionals who provide specialist advocacy and advisory in matters of international white collar criminal defence and compliance. Organised as a network of independent law firms, lawyers and academics, the ROXIN Alliance offers a platform for close cooperation among its members across multiple jurisdictions, while working as a single cohesive unit from the client’s perspective. Established in 2011 by the German white collar crime law firm ROXIN Rechtsanwälte LLP, the ROXIN Alliance today has a presence in over 35 countries.

Roxin Alliance operates as a not-for-profit organization offering membership to only the world's most distinguished and accomplished attorneys and scholars. Only those professionals who meet the highest qualifications and pass the alliance’s strict requirements are considered for induction. A final invitation is offered only after an extensive interview by the full board.

In this era of globalization, Roxin Alliance is dedicated to providing companies and individuals with legal perspectives that extend beyond national borders, in order to meet conflicts that arise when operating under various laws of the world's many countries and regions. The alliance also serves as a cooperative partner of the World Bank's Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development, providing the World Bank with legal opinions on corporate criminal liability and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Hung Ou Yang, an attorney at this esteemed firm, is currently a member in good standing of the Roxin Alliance, and was invited to the alliance's annual 2014 meeting to conduct a detailed presentation on the issues of corporate criminal liability in Taiwan.

Roxin Alliance