Intellectual Properties

Intangible assets have become the most valuable assets of enterprises all over the world. According to researches of S&P 500, value of intellectual properties ("IP") can be more than 80% of total value of assets owned by an enterprise, of which the legal management shall also be customized including but not limited to application and registration of intellectual properties, lawsuits, protection of trade secrets, technology licensing, transaction of intangible assets, taxation, fair trade, or even combined issue of more than one issue as above.



Trademarks rights are reputational-based IPs owned by an enterprise. You can produce a trademark and use it to promote your goods and services without registering it. You may even add ™ (Trade Mark) to your product label. This is not illegal, but such trademark will have no registered (IP) protection. To take the benefit of a registered trade mark® symbol you must first have registered it. In the operation of trademarks, strategic aspects like orientation of brand management, future products planning, image planning, and global marketing shall be taken into account. Our firm provides consultation with regard to relevant issues including but not limited to

  1. Trademark and Brand Management
  2. Trademark Search and Application for Registration
  3. Trademark Extension and Change
  4. Trademark Review, Objection, Invalidation, and Revocation and Administrative Relieves
  5. Trademark Infringement and Licensing Disputes
  6. Registration of Trademark Pledge and Assignment
  7. Domain Name Infringement and Disputes
  8. Protection of Well-Known Trademark
  9. Keyword Advertising Disputes.


Copyrights are also one of the most important IPs owned by an enterprise. Copyrights can create enormous economic benefits from diversification of business according to market demands. For example, content industries in recent years can earn profits by combining novels, TV dramas, mobile and online games, accessory products, embedded marketing, and multinational publishing and licensing. Complicated and changeable issues are involved here. Our firm provides services with regard to relevant issues including but not limited to:

  1. Resolution of Criminal and Civil Litigations and Disputes in connection with Copyrights
  2. Consultation and Contract Review with regard to the Management, Licensing, Negotiation, and Sale of Copyrights
  3. Importation, Publishing, and Licensing of Works and Protection of related IPs
  4. Protection of Software and Data Base
  5. Legal Compliance in the Marketing and Advertising of Works.


In addition to trademark rights and copyrights, our firm also assists in establishing a system for the protection of trade secrets of an enterprise. Investigation of infringement of trade secrets, preservation of evidence, negotiation, and lawsuits, are also within the scope of our service. Furthermore, our firm can also be the counselor of your company in the establishment of a system for the protection of personal information, in the fields, strategic analyses, and the establishment of systems, in connection with IP laws.




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